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Jesus Among Secular Gods

The latest book coming from the pen of Ravi Zacharias is co-authored by Ravi and fellow RZIM apologist Vince Vitale. And if this volume is any indication, we will be hearing a lot more from Dr. Vitale. While similar in title to the 2000 Zacharias release, Jesus Among Other Gods, the content is significantly different. The latter was more of a primer on world religions and pantheistic thought, even that which is relatively close to home, while the former confronts methods of contemporary thinking (or lack of the same) that the thoughtful Christian is more prone to encounter in places as diverse as the living room television or the university classroom.

Splitting writing responsibility equally between them (4 chapters each) the authors tackle the major players of atheism, scientism, pluralism, humanism, relativism, hedonism, ending with a description of the chaotic state our current culture is in concerning the very concept of truth. Subjects like these can often find the author and reader alike wading in a mire of confusion, on the contrary, Zacharias and Vitale have produced a very accessible treatment of vital topics. In other words, Jesus Among Secular Gods is not a heady volume which requires an academic background in apologetics and philosophy to digest. Even though it treats these important subjects seriously, it also makes them understandable.

Although it may not attest to the quality of the writing this is a book I found to be quite “highlightable.” One of the more compelling statements written by Vince Vitale (and one that I subsequently used in a recent sermon) was: “God is a troublemaker. He goes looking for trouble and He asks His followers to go looking for trouble with Him. So what trouble is He calling you into, in order for to be His agent of healing? Every follower of Christ must be able to answer that question.” (p. 191)

If you are looking for a “next read” which will serve as a bit more than some mental junk food, this is a book that gives the believer much to “sink his/her teeth into.” A tag line of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is helping believers to think and thinkers to believe. Jesus Among Secular Gods does just that.

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