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CARE Groups

Come And Receive Encouragement (CARE)

These are the core of our church.  These small groups of people gather weekly at the church or in member’s homes to encourage one another through studying the Bible, praying for one another, and enjoying the fellowship of good friends.

This is where each person in the congregation is strongly urged to “come and receive encouragement”. Many lifelong friendships grow here.  You can be sure that you will fit in, be accepted, and interact with the members of your group throughout your life, not just one evening every week. This is one of the places where you will see Christ’s love lived among us.

CARE Groups Meetings

Monday @ 6:30 pm          Cathy White / Stew Forbes

Wednesday @ 6:30 pm    Dave & Judy Jones

Wednesday @ 6:30 pm     Latino CARE Group-  Kenny & Lourdes

Thursday @ 7:00 pm        John Downs / Chris Wells